It is very common in today’s society that athlete’s wives are the targets of abuse; this has been a reoccurring issue that happens greatly in the world of sports, but sadly doesn’t get the publicity that it should. This is a reoccurring issue that affects a large percent of the population on daily basis, and because athletes are that charge factor that makes up these group of individuals. They mostly look at the details from these groups of individuals and for the sole reason that they are athletes. These individual get excused for their actions because of who they are, because of their fame, because they are heavy fund contributors to stadiums and all those who coach these players. Punishing these players, for these distraught actions would then amount to the loss of funds of coaches, and that’s one aspect that these individual in control won’t loose. When a man attacks a woman, some people view this as men simply being the disciplinarians of the household, but what they fail to realize is that the woman is still a person. Still a human being that should never have to endure any form of mistreatment, and especially from their spouse, someone in whom they feel that they can turn to in the midst of a storm, turn to for protection, or as their confidant. Once these actions occur, it changes the dynamic of both individuals. An example of this is with football player Ray Rice, it was caught on footage that he repeatedly punched his girlfriend in the face that led to a knockout, and was then seen dragging her on the floor out of the elevator. After this instance went viral his teams suspended him and when more footage was released had him it out the remaining season. After going to court, the judge ruled him innocent and dismissed him of all charges. The question loom, if this video hadn’t gone viral or circulated the internet, would these sports teams still have allowed him to play in games, or was this a publicity move to save them? I could only imagine the amounts of domestic abuse that occur that never get reported or recorded with athletes. Statistic has proven that out of the 15,000 cases of domestic abuse between athletes and their spouse, 8,000 get dismissed and or thrown out. It’s these statistics that make you ponder, what has the criminal justice system turned into, what is being taken seriously and what is not? What is considered a serious crime to have someone punished? What does it take death to be pursued for the criminal system to realize the seriousness of many crimes? There is no way that after multiple major punches to her head, dragging onto the floor that a judge could not convict the person that has caused this. It really makes you think, had the victim had been a relative of the judge or those involved in the sentencing would the end results then have been differently. What would be their opinions to the beatings of their mother, daughter, or cousin; if this happened to their family members what would they think of the judge’s decision to dismiss all charges and sentence the perpetrator to nothing but let them free. It’s instances like these and so many more that urges you to want to protest and want our criminal justice system to be swept clean, new laws and regulations to be created, because what exist now is not helping anyone. Domestic violence is a serious and is a very common reoccurring issue that seems to not get the publicity that it should, the world tend to  not be aware of these issues that of sport teams winning super bowls. Why does our society not react when there in the midst of wrong doing? Why are some wrong doing accepted by some and not all, or not any at all? Why does society pick and choose situations that seem to be fair? Why do we let our images of what a man should be, over step when wrong is occurring? In order to change the issue that is upfront, society has got to have a more efficient way of finding the problem and creating a solution to the problem. If we continue to allow these issues to exist and not do anything about these situations, they will continue to happen and never stop.




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