Sports security breach

Usually, when a fan runs onto a court or a field, their actions are met by spectators with an eye-roll and security escorting them off. When a little kid runs passed the securities barrier and breaks onto the court you might just be in for the a memory of a life time. When does invading the court become a security issue for athletes’ safety and why is it all right for a child to do it? There should be security no matter the circumstances because if a seven-year-old child can do it so can any one else.

There are many instances where children have run onto the field and nothing has been done to stop them and their adorable acts of affection towards their super star athlete. On March 28, 2016 a young child ran onto the court in Madison Square Garden to embrace the thigh of his favorite player Carmelo Anthony. “I was shocked. I didn’t really know who was it until I actually looked over and saw that it was a kid.” Carmelo said in an interview about it. This one instance has now brought up security issues and has become a hot topic to talk about. Is the only reason it is controversial issue today is that society is feeling less safe? Anchors have speculated many negative things that could have come of this instead of it being an innocent child who did not know the consequences that could have come from this. Carmelo didn’t want an apology or seem like he had a problem with it. The sports media made this a security issue instead of innocent sport story Carmelo said, “Nobody should make a big deal about it”. I think it is a good idea to bring up the the security issue because if it lackadaisical then next time it could be a drunk 30 year old running up to hug Carmelo and he wont be feeling so safe then.

What is so different about this and the time that seven-year-old Ayo Dosumu ran onto the field after South Africa lost to Brazil in the 2010 World Cup? As security approached the young boy Neymar one of Brazils most popular players scooped him up and brought him over to the team to celebrate after the win. The Brazil team hoisted and carried the seven year old off. The boys father when asked about the experience said “My son is so happy. Neymar has now become his idol.” Comparing this to the more recent incident no security questions were brought up and there was no scolding of the parents or the child. Instead the boy had a positive experience and gained a role model and idol that he can now look up too. This story didn’t even talk about security concerns or what could have happened if it was not a little boy. Security problems should have come up especially during the World Cup with soccer having some of the most radical fans. This could have been any of the fans but the boy is lucky that security let him through to the team.

Now these stories are the positive pitch invaders but there are times that players security and health are in danger when others storm the field. There should be equal security enforced at sporting events because sporting environments can become nasty. On January 31, 2010 a drunk spectator decided to climb over the wall and tackle Pakistan’s Khalid Latif in a cricket match. This instance had the Pakistani sports minister call for security barriers to be built and for alcohol to not be sold during Australian cricket matches. This is the dangers of not having security for the players. Obviously this is not a 7 year old who can’t do much harm but the security should be the same for all. Without security the players are being put at risk for violence from the crowd.

An incident more recent when a fan decided to fly a drone waiving an Albanian flag over a soccer game between Albania and Serbia. After the ref retrieved the flag fans rushed the field to attack Albanian soccer players. Over 30 fans, players, coaches and refs were involved in the brawl which put everyone at danger. These fans who rushed the field were doing so not to cherish and idol their star athletes but to hurt and weaken the opposing players team with violence. If the security would have been better this incident would not have happened.

I am not saying it is bad to have the good pitch invaders like in the first two examples but I am saying that it does bring up a point of security. No child should be able to get passed security and reach a player and when they do its cute but looking behind the deeper lying issue that security is not good. If security is not good that could lead to potential drunk fans and violent fans entering the field to try and harm the opposing players.

Invading the pitch has been apart of sports since I can remember. It was always that one fan that was too drunk and ran onto the field to just be utterly demolished by the force of the tackle from the security guard. So what makes it so okay for a child to run out there and not be punished but when an adult does they get the ultimate clothesline and escorted off the field? Nothing is the answer and it isn’t okay for a child to make its way on the court. It shows a lack in security and has the ability to harm players without it.


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